Although resourceful, the internet can be a jungle if you don’t know where to look for escorts. Therefore, we have provided some useful information as a guide to booking escorts and where to find them.

Normally when searching on google, it is best to put what you are looking for and then the area. For example, if I was looking to book an escort and I am in Birmingham, I would type into my google search bar “Birmingham escorts” or “escorts Birmingham”. If I normally preferred the selection of choice from escort agencies, then for this search I would put into my google search bar “Birmingham escort agency” or “escort agency Birmingham”. And the same would apply for an independent escort, I would use the search term “Birmingham Independent escort” or “Independent escort Birmingham”. It is of course possible to put in the plural of “escorts” and “escort agencies”. The results will show relevant websites to what you have searched for. As a general rule, the most relevant, longest established and informative websites will be on page one of the google rankings. However, google isn’t always reliable, so there are other escort websites that are worth remembering so you can find and book escorts.

Escort Directories

Popular and longstanding escort directories such as “Punterlink”, “Punternet” and “AdultWork” have always been a favourite for clients, due to the validating of escort who advertise on them. Although popular and the classified site appears in most internet searches, “Viva street” do not validate their escorts, so there are many bogus escort agencies and escorts using this site for criminal activities. We advise you take caution when booking escorts through the classified site Viva street! “The British escorts Directory” has been established since 2007 and is a good escort directory for escorts in the U.k. “U.k adult zone” is a genuine escort directory for clients. “Your escorts guide” and “Escort Girls Directory” is another genuine advertising site for genuine escorts for escorts, escort agencies and independent escorts in Britain.

We recommend you do not use your time driving around and looking for escorts who are prostituting themselves on the street. As a general rule, these girls are normally pimped and there are many disastrous stories of clients getting beaten up and robbed. A street girl is classed as a lower class of escort, usually foreign and illegal, and only offers basic sex for money normally in a client’s car.

With any guide to booking escorts and where to find them, it is recommended that you only book escorts where there are contact details available. Never book an escort that only has an email address as the contact details. It is recommended that you read reviews of the escort, if they are available. If there are no reviews for an escort, either take precaution or avoid. If at any point your gut instinct is telling you something doesn’t feel right, then avoid.