In the eyes of the escort industry there is no such thing as the most unusual sexual fetishes. However, in the eyes of the general public, we are going to open your mind to the most unusual fetishes. You will see why escorts services and escort agencies are needed for the niche market to provide these sexual needs. Some of you may find them weird, disgusting, perverted or even funny! And this is the reason men with unusual fetishes visit escorts, because they know that their fetishes will be taken seriously without any embarrassment or consequences. Between two consenting adults, an agreement is made before the appointment, so there is no physical or mental harm towards the escort. A client will only be physically and mentaslly hurt, if that is what he wants and has paid for. With regards to the following unusual fetishes, many clients can only become aroused and orgasm with the help of a specialist escort. Not all escorts cater for unusual fetishes but nearly all escorts are open minded enough to cater for most of them.

Autoplushophilla arousal over an escort or the client dressed as a cartoon character or stuffed animal.

Coprophillia arousal over an escorts poo known as “scat”. A client may want to watch the escort poo on the toilet or somewhere else. He may want to play with the escorts poo or rub the poo into his body.

Fetishism where the client becomes aroused over a specific object that an escort has been asked to hold.

Gerontophilia arousal over very mature escorts

Katoptronophilia arousal of sex with an escort in a mirror

Knismolagnia arousal of being licked by an escort

Masochism and Sadism arousal when an escort causes the client physical or mantal pain

Nasolingus Arousal of sucking on an escorts nose

Necrophilia arousal over fantasy roleplay where the escort pretends to be dead

Partialism arousal over an escorts particular body part

Podophilia arousal to feet

Pteronphilia arousal to being tickeled by an escort with a feather

Titillagnia arousal to tickeling an escort

Pubephilia arousal over an escort who has public hair

Pygophilia arousal over an escorts bum

Transvestic fetishism arousal to the escorts clothing touching the client’s skin

Urophilia arousal to urinating on an escort or an escort urinating on a client called “golden showers”

Voyeurism arousal from spying on escorts having a sexual encounter

Sploshing arousal from covering an escorts body in food

Coulrophilia fantasy roleplay by getting aroused as an escort who is dressed as a clown

Tripsolagnia arousal from an escort washing the client’s hair

Adult baby fantasy roleplay where the escort pretends to be a carer for the client who is a baby in a nappy.

Cuckolding where a client becomes aroused over watching an escort with another client have sex.

Omorashi where a client gets aroused over an escort wetting herself with a full bladder. An escort will be asked to be fully clothed, so the urine runs down her leg.

Spankophilia where a client gets aroused from being spanked by an escort or spanking an escort. There are many toys to assist in this request, such as a cane, paddle, whip, or a gentler hand.

Somnophilia where a client gets aroused by having sex with a sleeping escort. Bear in mind, the escort is fully aware and has consented. She may be genuinely asleep during an overnight booking, or she may pretend to be asleep.

Pony Fetish where the client becomes aroused by being dressed and acting like a pony, or the escort is dressed and acts like a pony

Breath play where an escort reduces the client’s oxygen to enhance an orgasm. This fatish is only performed by experienced, specialist escorts.

Feederism where a client gets aroused by feeding the escort

Microphilia arousal over a very petite escort

Retifism arousal over an escort’s shoes

Cake farts is where a client becomes aroused from an escort sitting on a cake and farting on it

Autagonistophilia arousal over being filmed or having photos taken with your session with an escort

Raptophilia Fantasy roleplay arousal over the consensual rape of an escort. Remember, the escort is fully aware of the client’s requests. There is no actual rape! It is only pretend.

Capnolagina arousal from an escort smoking a cigarette.

Forniphilia arousal over an escort being a piece of furniture. For example, an escort might kneel on all fours and the client may put his feet on her as a foot stool.

Maschalagnia arousal over an escort’s armpits

Narratophilia arousal over an escort swearing and saying obscene words.